116 Cameras ★★★★½

How many Holocaust documentaries about personal reminiscences are left to be made? After all, as time goes on the survivors die off. But their stories are a vital reminder of the darkest days in human history. Eva Schloss, is an 88-year old Auschwitz survivor, post-war step-mother of Anne Frank, and a celebrated, vocal voice for the dead. She was flown from her home in England to Los Angeles to take part in a project to make a 3D holographic interview of about 1,000 questions and answers (recorded with 116 cameras in a dome-like studio) for interactive viewing by people in the future. This documentary shows the process of the taping session and gives us a glimpse of Ms. Schloss's vivid storytelling. It is enormously moving...rarely has a 16 minute documentary moved me to tears.