13 Minutes ★★★★★

In 1939, a true-life, devout Christian German man named Georg Elser attempted to kill Hitler and other Nazis by planting a bomb at a Munich meeting hall. The bomb exploded 13 minutes too late; and Elser was captured and tortured to provide information about the supposed plot. This film tells Elser's story, mostly in a series of flash-backs which show in brilliant detail from 1932-on the way Germany gradually succumbed to the Nazis. Elser is played by Christian Friedel, in one of the most incredibly taxing and beautifully played performances I've ever witnessed. Director Hierschbiegel made one of the best, most insightful Hitler films ever, Downfall; and he clearly understands the period. The current film, for my money, is a masterpiece of pre-WWII historical movie-making, part character study, part thriller, but always a probing study into the cultural Zeitgeist that created the Nazis. I couldn't help myself from making the horrendous connection that 1932 and the start of the Nazi ascension to power is eerily like the Trump/tea-bagger movement in today's America. Yikes!