150 Milligrams ★★½

Irène Fanchon was a real-life pulmonologist doctor working in a teaching hospital in the provincial Breton city of Brest, France. In 2010 she noticed a suspicious series of deaths from diabetic patients using a medicine sold by a huge French pharmaceutical company. As played by Danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen, Fanchon was an obsessive, often overly antic voice for her patients in the face of the entrenched health bureaucracy and big pharma. In her years long fight to get the medicine banned she was aided by a much more cautious fellow doctor (Benôit Magimel, getting heavy in mid-career). This is an example of a typical "whistleblower" film with a heartfelt and important message that was almost ruined by a script which is both too complex to follow and too lengthy to keep one's interest.