3 Days to Kill ★½

The title of this film is a pun which offers insight into both the pluses and minuses of this family story and thriller all mishmashed into one film. It can't quite decide what it really wants to be.

First off is the touching family story of an ex-CIA killer, dying of cancer, who is anxious to re-establish contact with his estranged teenage daughter...three days to kill time in Paris trying to do that and put his affairs in order.

Second off is a confusing thriller where that same ex-CIA killer is bribed by a young femme fatale CIA operative to return to action...three days to kill The Albino and The Wolf, two international terrorists.

Kevin Costner is convincingly grizzled. Amber Heard is ridiculously over-the-top and unrealistic as the femme fatale agent. Hailee Steinfeld holds her own as the daughter. Luc Bresson's original story had some real promise as a different sort of intimate spy thriller. But as executed by McG (with a relatively small budget), the thriller part simply doesn't work, which leaves the film well short of satisfying.