5 Flights Up ★★½

There's nothing actually wrong with this pleasantly innocuous film. It's the story of an elderly couple attempting to exchange their 40-year occupied, 5th floor walk-up condo view apartment in Brooklyn for another one more adapted to old age frailties. The central interracial couple (Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman, plus two unfamiliar look-alikes playing them as newly weds) are fetchingly human scale, even boring in their ordinary quirkiness. There's actually a weird comparison here to Love is Strange, Ira Sachs' recent film about a gay couple with a sort-of similar New York apartment quandary...Keaton's character even comments how 40-years earlier their marriage was illegal in many states. But social commentary isn't this film's long suit. Rather it is more about NYC real estate than about real people with problems that actually matter.