99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film ★★½

I don't think it's an accident that so many documentaries this year have a leftist slant (after all, I haven't seen a pro-fracking or pro-Citizen's United film yet this year...I wonder why?) Make no mistake, I agree with the politics of this film. The increasing disparity of income distribution, the horror stories resulting from the Patriot Act, nationwide out-of-control police departments, corporatist lobbyists controlling government. All of these causes which define Occupy and Anonymous are admirable and put the lie to American apathy (or maybe not, it all seems so futile.)

But something went wrong with this film. It was so effective at hitting me in the head with abuses of power and showing endless confrontations between protesters and police that its message was diffused. Too many one-note, similar interviews with sympathetic experts, I nodded in agreement and then was bored. The lesson here: collective film making might not work as well as top-down, authoritarian direction. Just the same as with social movements: where leaderless, collective action dissolves into discord and ineffectiveness.