All God's Children ★★★½

I'm ashamed that I had little knowledge before watching this film of where exactly Moldova is. It is a sliver of land between Romania and Ukraine. In this film, Irina is a pretty young blond who three years before was sent to Italy by a human trafficker named Bruno. At the start of the film she has escaped and returned to reclaim her adorable 8-year old boy who has been placed in an orphanage in her absence. Irina's plot was to sell the boy for adoption to a Western family to obtain the money to buy her own way out of slavery. That's the set-up for a suspenseful story of a kid in jeopardy. Along the way systemic corruption, greedy white slavers, a bereft Canadian couple (the familiar face, Michael Ironside, plays the husband), and Interpol play a the film gradually descends into mawkish melodrama. There are some brutally violent scenes of violence against women. Yet, for all its flaws, it is a gritty and realistic view of modern life in that part of the world. It definitely has a film noir feel to it, and I was kept enthralled.