All the Light in the Sky ★★★★

Jane Adams is luminous playing Marie, a fretful, no-longer-young actress living in a pylon-anchored, cluttered Malibu beach apartment and just relating to life. She morning surfs. She entertains her visiting younger, aspiring actress niece (Sophia Takal). She has brief affairs with guys (Larry Fessenden does a killer Jack Nicholson interpretation), and is constantly making noxious health drinks in her mixer. In other words, she is going through the motions of living as realistically as possible. Joe Swanberg directed (and shot and edited) the film with his usual mumblecore ambling sensibility. But the script, co-written with Adams, manages to get beneath the surface of this woman as few films do. Just like life itself, there is no polished narrative here, and the story just peters out with yet another gorgeous view of the sea from Marie's ocean perched balcony. It's enough.