All These Sleepless Nights ★★★

Situated somewhere between a documentary and a contemporary Malick reverie, this Polish film follows twenty-something Krzysztof and his friends (Michal, Eva, Adam etc.) through a year of aimless Warsaw living, loving, breaking-up, philosophizing, partying and dancing in the streets. There is little context. Who are these people? They don't work, go to school, have contact with families. (They're apparently real people, not actors; but I'm not 100% sure of that.) They're like a Millennial lost generation...Polish bohemians going from party to party, rotating friends and girlfriends, living their "reel" lives as in a musical written by Scott Fitzgerald and shot by Emmanuel Lubezki. I found it disconcerting, disorienting...yet smart and illuminating. Just not my cuppa. Your mileage may vary.

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