All You Need Is Love ★★

This documentary focuses on a no-charge school for Myanmar refugee children on the Thai border called "Good Morning School." The film follows several undocumented children and their families who have fled to the border town of Mae Sot to escape repression by the Burmese regime, and two teachers, one of whom was an American woman who spent a productive year at the school. This is an altogether admirable cause to make a film about...this school is doing a much needed service with limited funds. However this isn't a very good documentary IMHO. The film is heavily narrated (by Sigourney Weaver) with a plodding, over-obvious script; and it is further burdened with a familiar sounding, over-dramatized music track. On the other hand, the technical credits: cinematography, editing are first class. I wish I could give more love to this film just for its message.