Alone ★½

The New York Times apparently makes or showcases slice of life short documentaries. Alone tells the story of a 20-something black girl in Louisiana, who is in love with a prisoner apparently serving a ten year sentence and intends to marry him. I say apparently, because this black and white short is frustratingly vague about details. It's mainly composed of close-ups and voice overs of the girl pining and musing in dream like reveries. One scene is shot behind closed doors where the girl's mother is screaming cautionary invective. Another scene is a long shot of the girl talking to her fiancé's lawyer on the courthouse steps, purveying little actual information. Much of the dialogue is poorly recorded or in accented speech that I had trouble understanding. But the visuals are startlingly beautiful at times: one dream like scene shows the girl trying on a diaphanous wedding dress, fantasizing in voice over about diamonds and jewels. This isn't my idea of documented reality. The film made the Oscar documentary short final 10. Honestly, I'm not sure why.

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