America: Imagine the World Without Her ★★½

Dinesh D'Souza has almost become notorious as a Conservative filmmaker, Obama hater, and imported (from India) apologist for American interventionism...especially Manifest Destiny and uncontrolled capitalism. Normally I might have skipped this documentary since I regard D'Souza as "the enemy." But it cropped up as a requirement of my Academy obligations, so I did watch it.

Surprisingly, if one disregards the editorializing, this isn't a terrible film. Perhaps it utilizes actors and historical re-creations too much to qualify as pure documentary. But the production values are never less than excellent. We're presented with extensive stories featuring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And a vitriolic attack on leftist historians (particularly Howard Zinn, whose "People's History of the United States" textbook is savaged with an obvious bias.) But as the film progressed, the editorializing and (IMHO) falsehoods and unmitigated jingoisms could not be ignored. Outstanding cinematography, gung-ho patriotic music, and excellent casting of historical look-alike characters couldn't erase the partisan stench of right-wing propaganda.