Boychoir ★★★★

The story of the unruly bastard orphan boy with the beautiful soprano voice who is saved by joining a prep school choir is predictable and cliche ridden. However the film has some saving graces: wonderful acting, gorgeous choral music and a director with true artistic sensibility. Plus I didn't even know how much I've missed Debra Winger and her heartfelt intelligence, probably my favorite actress.

A personal story which might explain the "like" rating for this film. When I was prepubescent, I was a soprano soloist in the L.A. all-city choir. Then, just like 11-year old Stet in this film (a nice performance by young Garrett Wareing) my voice changed, and I no longer could control the timbre and steady pitch of my vocals. I never sang again. This film rang true for me...nice job all around.