Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen ★★★★

Look, I've read the reviews especially the lockstep 1-star-ish pans here on letterboxd. And I've stayed away from watching this film for a while. But I like musicals in general; and ultimately I had to watch this one. And I'm at a loss. There must be a generational thing going here. Where others see a lying, sociopath anti-hero, I see a tortured teenager with absent and neglectful parents who deserved my empathy. Where others see Ben Platt as too old for the role, I saw an actor not so different from the multitude of 20-somethings playing teenagers in films and on actor with a beautiful voice who deserved to have his Tony winning role memorialized for the future. I was moved by the script and the songs, impressed by the direction and the fine cast. This film didn't deserve to be trashed the way it has been. For me it deserved its 4-stars.

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