First Comes Love ★★★★

How does it go? "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage..." The irony of the title of this documentary is that in the case of 41-year old director/writer/editor/cinematographer/mother Nina Davenport, the biological clock was running down before "love" and "marriage" occurred. So Davenport did something about it. She made a movie. Oh, and also used her backup gay college friend Eric as sperm donor and her BFF Amy as, well, best friend and support group all-in-one.

From all this effort, out came preternaturally cute Jasper Davenport (literally, in one of the most harrowing and moving birth scenes ever filmed for public consumption). But this film is a lot more than just beautifully done home movies. Davenport has made herself the stand-in for the modern urban single woman. And she does it by being brutally and unsparingly honest about her own family dynamic. Some might think this is over sharing and terribly self-indulgent. But for me it was an emotionally involving and illuminating family saga that is all the more remarkable for being true-life and not scripted.