Getting Go: The Go Doc Project

Getting Go: The Go Doc Project ★★★½

Doc is a college student in New York City who sets out to document on video his encounters with a go-go boy aptly named Go, that he met on-line. That is the set up for this visually dazzling, sexy and smart fake documentary. Tanner Cohen and Matthew Camp play Doc and Go with intelligence and emotional veracity. They also make an attractive couple in this hard-R film that never goes over the line into pornography. Until the end credits I was never quite sure that this wasn't a real documentary. First time director Cory Krueckeberg utilizes every editing technique available in this digital age: split screens, slo-mo, montages set to an impeccably selected dance music sound track. But what sets this film apart is the chemistry between the two leads which is the main factor which sells this film as a real, rather than mock documentary.

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