Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You ★★★½

At age 93, Norman Lear is still active and relevant...a true cultural touchstone. This documentary examines his life with many examples of the television shows that he created, along with interviews with Lear himself and others in his productive life. It is hard to come up with a more culturally influential, groundbreaking late 20th century figure. Just as it is hard to come up with a show more culturally important than "All in the Family." Well, perhaps I'm prejudiced because his left-leaning Jewish sensibility matches my own. This particular film does attempt a certain artistry...using a young actor to metaphorically portray Lear's life in reflection. I'm not sure that this technique worked particularly well. This is a good example of a documentary with an exemplary and important subject that just doesn't quite jell as an entertainment. That is something that no Norman Lear show ever was guilty of.

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