Pit Stop

Pit Stop ★★★½

Is there any sort of a market for a no-budget film about older (at least mid-30s old), ordinary, working-class gay men with real-life issues other than sex? There may not be an audience out there clamoring for such a film; but for me it's a breath of fresh air.

Gabe is a building contractor, still in a relationship with his wife and young daughter (for the sake of raising the kid) after a breakup with his boyfriend. Ernesto, Tex-Mex factory worker, has been providing shelter for a much younger, footloose Mexican man while continuing to read magazine articles to his comatose ex-lover. This is in small town Texas near Austin, certainly not an area known to be conducive to gay lifestyles.

The film develops with the pace of a Texas drawl; but with an air of reality that is hard to match in recent, attractive-youth-oriented, American indie gay cinema. The unfamiliar, realistically drab actors, skilled enough, shine through the dismally flat digital cinematography. I hope to see more of Bill Heck, who brings charm to the bearded, closeted Gabe. This isn't going to be a popular film; but I sure wish more adult gay films with issues that resonate could be made and released.

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