Tangerine ★★★½

Sin-Dee and Alexandra, two fabulous drag queens of color, bitch fight their way through one long Christmas Eve, plying the streets of Hollywood, CA. What unfolds is a raucous indie comedy that plays like a truthful breath of fresh air. The film expands to tell the story of Razmik a married Armenian taxicab driver who has a thing for the "ladies," and his snoopy mother-in-law out to expose him. And then there is Chester, the pimp who hangs out at the corner Donut Time, who has been two-timing Sin-Dee with Dinah, one of his actual woman ho's. The film plays as a frenetic farce; but it is always grounded in the realistic portrayals of its melange of characters (only one of which is a familiar-to-me actor, James Ransone as Chester.) Amazingly enough, this film was shot on an iPhone 5...and yet it looks great on the big screen, utilizing natural lighting and expert camera work. This film will offend some with its unconventional cast of characters and profane dialog. But it's the funniest comedy in a while and I enjoyed every moment.

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