Tangerines ★★★★

The Caucasus in 1992 was the site of one of an endless series of conflicts...this time between Orthodox Christian Georgia and the Russian supported Islamic Republic of Abkhazia. Caught in the middle was a settlement of ethnic Estonians, mostly farmers and villagers on the Black Sea coast, who settled in the area over a hundred years before. At the start of the war, most of the Estonians fled back to their now independent country. However, a tangerine farmer and an elder stayed with the farm to bring in the crop. The war obtrudes on that task when opposing sides have a skirmish outside their doors, and they take in two badly wounded mortal enemies. That is the set-up for a dramatic chamber piece which speaks volumes about human nature in the process of making war. The acting and direction are first rate. This is the kind of anti-war story which packs an emotional wallop.