The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared ★★★

Allan, a befuddled Swedish man, skips his 100th birthday party and escapes out the window of his assisted living residence into a chaotic world of gangsters and a purloined suitcase of money. While Allan stumbles through his comedy-of-errors present-day road trip, he narrates in sequential vignettes the history of his life from birth through a series of almost accidental encounters with a series of 20th Century luminaries (from Franco to Oppenheimer, to Truman, to Stalin to Reagan in a semi-coherent line of happenstance)...all the while spouting aphorisms and affecting history in weird and humorous ways. If this seems familiar, it does remind one of that other film about an aphorism spouting, naive gentleman stumbling through the 20th Century named Forest Gump. And like that film the production is rather lavish. Robert Gustafsson plays Allen, and he ages realistically, which is why I suppose it was given an Oscar nomination for make-up. But the film, for all its clever transitions, mangles history and is often more silly than humorous.