The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew ★★★½

[Seen and reviewed at a film festival in 2008]

The director's father, Tommy Tedesco, was a great guitar player who was part of a group of relatively unknown studio musicians called the "Wrecking Crew" which backed up most of the really great L.A. rock and pop groups of the 1960's through the mid-80's. Such groups as the Beach Boys, the Association, the Mamas and the Papas used them; plus they made up the backbone of Phil Spector's wall of sound. This documentary is a tribute to these men (and one woman), using interviews with many of those still alive plus generous portions of the songs they helped produce. This was my era of music...I don't think there was one song here that I didn't know and that didn't provide the sound track of my life. Plus all this happened within a mile of where I lived and worked (and even was a peripheral participant in this scene as a music video editor and filmmaker). So for me, this was a fascinating evocation of a part of the music industry that I was only dimly aware of at the time. The film was emotionally satisfying, to say the least; but as a documentary film it was rather straightforward and broke no new ground.

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