Another Round

Another Round ★★½

Surprised by the response to this one, because it strikes me as unremarkable from top to bottom. Despite a lengthy first act, the characters aren't really fleshed out—Martin's baseline emptiness is reduced to the typical "humdrum family life" from every other midlife crisis movie. When the drinks start flowing and the film ostensibly livens up, my needle barely moves, because the heights of excitement are brief scenes of them dancing and singing in a bar, which is tame by most standards, I'd argue. I guess the intention is to portray a typical drunken night out, rather than a heightened version, but that doesn't strike me as particularly fun, let alone a good portrayal of an experience that's meant to spark a rejuvenation/awakening of sorts. Then, of course, there's the eventual downfall, which, despite hitting most of the major expected beats, could have landed the pathos if the characters weren't so one-dimensional. There are some effective moments on the fringe, but ultimately, it's neither grounded nor heightened enough for me, instead feeling like a feature-length version of that moment where you're waiting for the buzz to kick in.

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