Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

What do I expect from a new Zack Snyder film? Well, after eating crow less than two months ago when I shockingly enjoyed his cut of Justice League, I honestly don't know anymore. Regardless of how much I may dislike (or occasionally despise) some of his previous work, though, I've never considered him anything less than a fantastic director; even at his worst, he's remarkably skilled at bringing his vision to life with a signature style that's unmistakable. For whatever reason, that unique sensibility is nearly absent from Army of the Dead, as if it somehow got digitally scrubbed away along with Chris D'Elia's performance.

Maybe it's because Snyder is working with his lowest budget in 10 years, or maybe it's because he chose to forgo a cinematographer and shoot it himself—a grave error which sees Snyder maddeningly exercising (or, hopefully, exorcising) his apparent obsession with shallow focus—but either way, the result feels anonymous in the worst way possible: it's a generic, dull, and exceptionally dumb action flick with jarring tonal shifts, laughably melodramatic attempts at pathos, and not nearly enough gore to sustain the nearly two and a half hour runtime.

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