Light of My Life

Light of My Life ★★★★½

The plot is reminiscent of The Road, but from the lengthy conversation in the opening scene, it's clear Affleck’s going for an entirely different angle with a heavy focus on naturalism. Not going to get too deep into it, since very few people have gotten around to this one and it likely won’t have the same impact on most, but I can’t really explain why I found myself holding back tears just watching a father and daughter speaking to each other with admiration and respect while facing such an oppressively bleak situation. There’s a powerful sense of the film living beyond the frame, not just in the backstory to the narrative which Affleck smartly avoids explaining through obvious exposition, but the way these characters arrive at this specific emotional relationship to one another and share an instinctual shorthand. It’s a beautiful, sincere, and impressive film.

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