Possessor ★★★★

I love ambitious high-concept sci-fi thrillers, and Possessor is an especially strong example, largely due to its near flawless execution. The first act introduces the brilliant premise concisely; Brandon Cronenberg knows exactly how much information to reveal so that the mechanics don't feel needlessly convoluted nor frustratingly obscured. It's absorbing right from the opening scene, but once the plot is set into motion and we have a grasp on the character dynamics, it's absolutely gripping. The only minor complaint I have is with the way Cronenberg chooses to visually represent certain elements later on, but even then he never leans on it too heavily for it to become distracting or overbearing—even if it's a bit literal for my taste. Abbot and Riseborough are stellar, as always, the cinematography is striking, and the practical special effects are marvelous. Brandon Cronenberg delivers an inspired work that stands up against his father's best.

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