Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

Complaints about the blunt satire are quite misguided, since satire is pretty low on the list of things the movie is even aiming for; sure, the basic premise relies on the family being rich, but it mostly serves to set the stage and cultivate their character types, which are far more complex than just your basic “spoiled brat” and “arrogant aristocrat” types, and the film avoids the natural urge to lean into using their wealth as a constant punchline, save for a couple sparse examples.

Overall, it’s a pretty successful locked-room (house, mansion, whatever) thriller, and an even more successful comedy. Takes a while before shifting into the high-concept premise, but utilizes the time to set up character dynamics and running bits that pay off pretty well in the ensuing chaos. There’s really not a weak link in the eccentric cast of characters, which is impressive alone, and even though it pulls a few too many reversals in the third act, the actual resolution was glorious. Bloody, laugh-out-loud funny, and fast-paced, Ready or Not is one of the year’s more delightful and fun surprises.

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