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  • A Hard Day

    A Hard Day


    Endlessly inventive, edge of the seat, witty thriller that owes a huge debt to the off beat writing and set piece action of the coen brothers. By far the best film at Cannes 2014 (out of the 20 or so I saw). It doesn't scratch below the surface, but as entertainment it harks back to the blockbusters of the 80's for sheer joy and thrills. Stunning.

  • The Look of Love

    The Look of Love


    Sugar coated, revisionist, and asinine look back at one of the sleaziest people in UK history. Manages to completely ignore all of the most fascinating aspects of the slumlord pornographer and crook, Paul Raymond, and instead tries it's hardest to tick every biographical trope going.

    Only gets 2 stars because there is so much 70's quim on display

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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Just back from seeing this incredibly sloooow, incredibly unexciting overindulgence of a film, that's punctuated with two magnificent performances and a few brilliant key scenes.

    Continuing Tarantinos latest trend of rewriting history to punish those that went unpunished before, here it's the nasty southern slave masters whereas before it was Nazis. This time round unfortunately it's a much simpler and less engrossing narrative. The lead characters all play their roles with zeal and of course it all looks stunning and…

  • The Wanderers

    The Wanderers


    Criminally under appreciated coming of age flick that got lost in the dust kicked up by Walter Hills cult quotathon The Warriors.

    This is actually the stronger movie, with a tender coming of age story at the heart, both for the boys, and for the changing times in America. Incredibly likeable leads give earnest performances while one of cinemas best scores underpins the gang falling apart.

    This film draws from me one of the most nostalgic responses of any film…