Invasion of the Body Snatchers ★★★★

Nancy: "Why do we always expect metal ships?"
Jack: "I've never expected metal ships"

The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers came out two years before I was born, and was one of the earliest horror / science fiction films I remember seeing. It was in regular rotation on late-night Creature Feature TV, and I probably saw it at least a half-dozen times by the time I saw Philip Kaufman's remake in 1978. Aside from a couple of key scenes, I didn't remember it well, but my wife and I do remember not being very taken with it.

But as I've found with a number of dimly remembered films from the 70's I only recall not liking, it became a newly discovered wonder when rewatched. From the eerie alien planet sequence opening the film, to the famous final shot, it's very solid entry in the sci-horror genre. With a remarkable disquieting score, fine performances from an interesting cast, and groundbreaking special-effects, in retrospect I can say it's my second favorite horror film of 1978

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