Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★½

This is my first time revisiting this movie since theaters. I purposely gave this a nice long span of breathing room, so I would approach it with as clean a slate as possible. I wanted to come to it after having stripped away all the baggage I could.

It’s a mess. I don’t care that people dispute the Luke storyline; that’s fine. I have issues with it because it’s not even consistent with itself for the duration of the film. Fine. He has his ups and downs, I guess.

But the Finn/Rose plot is a boring mess. The slow motion chase with the First Order would have been better left out entirely. There’s no real tension or suspense to the movie. Even the battle on the salt planet is just flat, and violates a lot of strictures of space, time, and build.

There are those that love the movie. God bless them. They can have it. I think you have to look past too much to forgive the structural errors that detract from the positives. Anything else I say would just start a fight.

Are there pretty shots? You bet! Are there good moments? Absolutely! Is every cast member giving everything they have to make it work? For the most part, sure.

But this is a lackluster mess that could have been 30 minutes shorter at least. And of that remaining time, had some sense of tension built from the opening reel on through that would have made it immediately more engaging.

P.S. There’s a continuity error with the Falcon just between TFA and this movie, but I can explain it away as damage caused by the crash on Death Star III, so that’s a push.

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