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  • Parasite



    Blow me down, this exceeded expectations - luckily for me with the exception of the critical praise and Oscar wins, I honestly had no idea what Parasite was actually about other than "class divide".

    Gripping drama with an outstanding ensemble cast - Parasite for me is Bong Joon-ho's best film since Memories of Murder. I can't wait to see this film again and again and again; early days but this could be the film that grasps hold of my obsessive viewing habits like when Oldboy was first released on DVD way back when.

  • 1917



    An absolute marvel in cinema from a technical viewpoint and to its credit the film as a whole is very enjoyable and immersive with 2 great lead performances.

    At times 1917 does feel like a video game, especially in the films transitions of time and moving into the next big set piece and this on 2 occasions kind of pulled me out of an otherwise very gripping film and while Deakins cinematography is beyond beautiful, I didn't find myself too…

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  • Sun Choke

    Sun Choke


    Enter the mind of a deeply disturbed young woman, a trance like experience that no matter what violence and disturbing behaviour actions that took place on screen, never made me feel unnerved or uncomfortable, it was like seeing through the lead characters own eyes; beautifully shot and wonderfully written, a film that might well be divisive - for me I fell in love with it.

  • Joy



    Try as she might, Jennifer Lawrence can't escape the fact she is completely mis-cast in the starring role here; Joy might be the films title, but the experience of David O. Russell's latest effort is far from a joyful one, painfully erradic and stuffed with wafer thin throw away supporting characters that have absolutely nothing to offer than to service plot development. And while you can't knock what Lawrence is doing onscreen here, its her very appearance that feels completely…