Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★½

honestly im only giving two stars so i dont get murdered by the film people on this app but this movie was not good. it was so fucking weird like the pacing was off, the acting was not that good, the main character was not likeable like at all and she didnt even develop, and its a rape revenge story but we dont hear anything ab the victim besides her name. we actually see more of the person who raped her than we do of the actual victim. there was like one visually appealing shot that frankly carries the whole movie but barely. not many redeeming qualities about this move its just so weird. i thought i was literally tripping when i watched it because of how weird the structure and pacing was. it was also so weird how she was only giving stern talks to the men taking advantage of women. it was so weird watching her like very gently scold christopher mintz plasse was so fucking weird like i promise you didnt impact him at all with a stern talking hes just gonna go back to doing bad things. i would honestly say watch it if you have nothing else to watch because its not really awful its just so weird and misleading and the structure is awful and the pacing is bad and its really weird how they dont focus on the victim at all. but fr, ik it sounds like im joking, but its honestly worth putting on when its free and youre bored as fuck. but paying for this movie was one of my worse decisions.