Hereditary ★★★

I'll just say that It Comes At Night did better with the family dynamic than anything in Hereditary. And it did it without dipping into some horror cliches that I just agreed was going to happen instead of being surprised or willingly along for the ride.

Abstract films are awesome. If I can love a movie and still have lots of questions when I leave, nothing is better. It's a struggle when a film's entire purpose is predicated on its ending that isn't very well explained. Everything herein is ramping up to an ending and that annoys me.

Toni Collette is fucking phenomenal. Ari Aster directs the hell out of this. The way he sets scenes is a pleasure every time.

But instead of the feeling of "oh my goodness, that was wild, now let me try to piece it together," I just have a feeling of "oh, I guess I get it. I mean, it's not scary or innovative and I wish the story was stronger but I mean, I get it."

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