Escape from New York ★★★★½

Jesus this movie is cool.

Whoever played Duke's weird as fuck assistant deserved every Oscar in 1982. Completely robbed for making some of the bravest, most insane choices of any throwaway supporting role I've ever seen.

Sad that if it were made today it would be too dark, or too self-serious, or too performatively woke to be anything of merit. And it really sucks because it feels like at times we are two weeks away from turning Manhattan into a prison island.

Snake Pliskin is one of the greatest, silliest subversions of the gruff and mum tough guy. Russel plays him with this beautiful seriousness that undercuts everything he says and ends up making him a laugh out loud protagonist. Going to the gym now to be ready for a banger of a Haloween costume.

Lastly, more movies need bat fights in the middle of them. Fuck year bat fights.