Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

Blank Check Rewind:

Definitely top 3 MCU in terms of the color palette but that is quite possibly the easiest superlative to nab. Most Marvel movies look brown, gray, or browngray. But this one POPS baybeeeee.

First time seeing it in theaters I gotta say I was disappointed. I think I wanted more of the breezy fun and space hopping fantasia that the first brought, and felt like this was a glorified bottle ep with everyone getting their own bottle (made of repressed feelings and daddy issues) I am, in fact, an idiot and this movie proves that. It's sneakily one of the best in the MCU for the exact reasons I didn't like it. The heart in this thing is earnest and big and swells and you can't help but root for Rocket's full-ass arc. This is his movie and we're all better for it.

That it doesn't come at the expense of good action is a miracle. In fact, the fight scenes in this are some of the best in the canon and they're ALL played for laughs. Other action directors take note (but don't just try and copy because those attempts always fall flat) It finds new ways to show you old tropes and tricks and I love it. The arrow fight is an all-timer and Gunn blocks these scenes with confident wide shots thrown in only when they are the most vital. Everything feels like it was a choice and a good one at that.

So happy Gunn was able to overcome the bad-faith pieces of shit that roam Twitter looking for bad jokes to take out of context. Hopefully, anybody that supported his firing is banned from attending movies going forward. Not Guardians of the Galaxy movies, just all movies. They don't deserve them.