Malignant ★★★½

"Malignant" is probably one of James Wan's most interesting movies. It has his signature style all over it, but is also heavily influenced by Giallo movies from the 70's and this combination works really well. Especially the soundtrack is fantastic. Probably my favorite movie score of the year so far, even if it doesn't always fit, which i think was intentionally.

Annabelle Wallis does a good job as the lead character and makes the audience feel for her character. The scares and gore are decent, but the latter relies a little too heavily on CGI. A few practical effects would've been nice. I think the twist, as well as the final twenty minutes in general, will split opinions. I wasn't really shocked, because even if i didn't completely put them together, i figured out most pieces before the reveal. And while it was a pretty cool twist, the climax felt a little over the top, which probably was also intentionally, but won't work for everybody. I am still not sure if it did for me, but i definitely won't forget it so soon.

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