Hereditary ★★★★½

The 2nd act could do with some aggressive trimming (Ari Aster not being an established horror alumni is both a blessing and a curse - he brings a frightening fresh vision but is a little green when it comes to building and sustaining tension in the middle) but that’s my only complaint on what is otherwise a grief-fuelled nightmare machine.

I can’t recall shifting uncomfortably in my seat as much as I did seeing this on the big screen. Hereditary contains several moments and images that have stayed and can only assume will continue to stay with me - once it picks up a full head of steam going into the last half hour (horror aficionado’s will be a few steps ahead before Toni Collette’s character gets there), it’s unrepentant in how hard it pushes the audience’s buttons from its distillation of raw grief to the single-minded commitment with which Aster drives the unfolding terror.

Looking forward to seeing it a second time to marvel at the craftsmanship of this terrific debut.

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