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  • Witness



    Harrison Ford was the perfect man. 

    See also: Working Girl, Raiders of the Lost Arc, The Fugitive

    Oh, and Witness is one of the most perfectly constructed romance/thrillers ever. Weir gives Ford/Mcgillis' relationship plenty of time to flourish while murder and conspiracy hangs above them like the sword of Damocles. Few images in the cinema are as haunting as the three gunmen marching steadily towards the serenity of the Amish homestead. Only a dated score and a couple overwrought montage sequences hold it back upon contemporary viewing.

  • The Grapes of Death

    The Grapes of Death


    Undoubtedly the Frenchiest zombie film ever made, as well as one of the most haunting. Its vague, meandering narrative paired with its limited scope make for a deeply intimate experience. It's imagery is raw and grotesque while also channeling something abstractly divine. To say it's the finest Jean Rollin film I've seen is an understatement.

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  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    With The Hateful Eight, Tarantino seems to be taunting his oldest detractors by making a film that showcases their most frequent criticisms. It's all here: characters that are "irredeemably corrupt", "endless" stretches of meandering dialogue, and "gratuitous" graphic violence. Here's the thing though, for the very first time I (a longtime Tarantino fan) found myself agreeing with them. The violence IS gratuitous and present primarily for shock value, the dialogue DOES seem endless, and the characters ARE (without exception) irredeemably…

  • Looker



    Imagine if John Carpenter set out to direct a De Palma-style erotic thriller. Now imagine that he suffers a major head injury shortly before the start of production and forgets the finer points of storytelling as well as how to stage an action scene.

    Looker is an undeniably stylish movie with a bevy of good ideas, including an eerily prescient portrayal of CGI. It's fun. It's also very poorly made.  Some scenes are cobbled together so haphazardly that their events…