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  • [REC]



    Let's clarify one thing for anyone who, somehow, may not have quite realised yet. This movie is hand-held, done in the same style as Cloverfield, "Blair Witch", etc, and I was mightily impressed. Why it works for me in ways that Cloverfield doesn't is because the set-up has its logic; there is someone here with a genuine reason to continually film and even then he puts down the camera at times when he needs to run even faster.

    The simplistic…

  • Pig Hunt

    Pig Hunt


    When John (Travis Aaron Wade) takes a bunch of his mates, and his girlfriend (Tina Huang), to an area that was once owned by his dead uncle the weekend looks like being a typical hunting trip/drunken lark. That all changes thanks to friction with some of the locals and the rumoured presence of a legendarily large boar. The fact that almost everyone has a weapon could end up being just as much of a hindrance as an advantage.
    Pig Hunt…

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  • Trainspotting



    I don't think it's overstating the fact to say that Trainspotting was one of the defining films of the 1990s. Slowly but surely, almost everyone involved with the film developed a pretty successful film career (with Ewan McGregor, arguably, going on to be the most successful). Danny Boyle confidently delivered on that film-savvy potential that he'd shown with Shallow Grave. The soundtrack was one of the best of the decade, and the marketing and poster design is still being utilised…

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    I have always liked McG more than most people (hell, I own BOTH Charlie's Angels movies, Terminator Salvation, and even This Means War), but this was even better than I hoped it would be, thanks to the blend of perfect pacing, decent direction and production values, and a fun script by Brian Duffield.
    The main performances from Samara Weaving and Judah Lewis also help, with the former portraying the babysitter of the title, a young woman who is witnessed taking…