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  • The Ten Commandments
  • Vera Cruz
  • Say Anything...
  • Demons

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  • Mazes and Monsters

  • Solarbabies

  • The Legend of Drunken Master

  • Pray for Death

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  • Mazes and Monsters

    Mazes and Monsters

    D&D is a gateway to LARPing, and from there…suicide. Kids, if you’re offered dice with more than 6 sides, just say no!

    This Tom Hanks TV movie is actually not the morally outraged “hit-piece” I assumed. From what I can gather the novel it’s based on is a more overt cautionary tale, but it’s pretty clear in this adaptation that mental illness and trauma is the main factor. A college kid goes AWOL after his gaming group play an “advanced”…

  • Solarbabies


    Dystopian YA story about the Solarbabies: a lacrosse(?) team that runs away from their indoctrination facility to follow a telepathic sphere across the wastelands. Roller-skating being forced into the plot gives it a similar curio value to GYMKATA. It was a huge bomb, to no one’s surprise except producer Mel Brooks.

    Kids on the run from authority with an alien/robot/IQ-enhanced dog-or-what-have-you isn’t a very original idea, but it’s been the basis for enough good movies to see why this didn’t…

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  • The Beast in Heat

    The Beast in Heat

    Zee rats, zey are…how you say…Guinea pigs? Let’s leave zat out of zee report to Der Führer, ya?

    With LOVE CAMP 7 being pretty mild, I jumped ahead in the nazisploitation cycle to BEAST IN HEAT AKA SS LOVE CAMP: one of the more notorious Italian contributions. It’s totally depraved. The “Exhibit A” of Video Nasties, if you were making the case for zero artistic significance or moral decency.

    And yet, the plot and production value take a lot of…

  • Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

    Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

    J. Lee Thompson and Charles Bronson’s final collab for Cannon Films tops their earlier 10 TO MIDNIGHT in misanthropic sleaze, but fails to match that film’s tension and pacing. As a police thriller, it seems a little…distracted.

    Bronson is an openly problematic LA cop, working to take down under-age sex traffickers. Intersecting that, a Japanese businessman with up-skirt perv ideations is transferred to the LA office, moving his family with him. He and Bronson both have young daughters in grade-school,…