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  • Kidz Klub!

    Kidz Klub!

    So many bowl-cuts. So many muppet knock-offs. So many life lessons!

    Once you stare into the void of an Everything is Terrible! compilation for a while, themes emerge. Calling one of their video edits a narrative is too strong a word, but the thrift store VHS shelf oblivion they source from do cut together into certain patterns. This new pox they’ve set upon the world doesn’t have the moral panic that THE GREAT SATAN had. It’s still got tons of church…

  • Killer's Kiss

    Killer's Kiss

    Haven’t seen this in a long time. I remember there’s boxing, and a chase though a mannequin workshop. Turns out that’s about all I’m gonna remember after this watch, too.

    Kind of inspiring, in that KILLER’S KISS reveals Kubrick was once a mere mortal capable of writing a limp script. The scenario is…ok. The dialogue is barely adequate for a noir, tho; probably why he handed that task off to Jim Thompson for his main-event next film THE KILLING. I…

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  • The Game

    The Game

    A data-scraping Kafka-esque nightmare. And yes, it’s increasingly bullshit in its grand conspiracy design. That’s understandably a deal-breaker for some. I’m usually the first one to call shenanigans on a film like this, only it seems like that’s the point, here. Aren’t the biggest cons the ones you shrug off as preposterous?

    The first time I saw THE GAME, I was conflicted to say the least. Fincher’s exacting craftsmanship was on full display as usual, but the suspension of disbelief…

  • Solomon Kane

    Solomon Kane


    M.J. Bassett’s horror-fantasy puts the “grim” and the “dark” in grim-dark. Nothing whimsical about this thing! Reminiscent of 80s fantasy movies — but dead serious. Parts of Hammer’s horror cycle also come to mind, without the glacial pacing.

    Bassett’s adaptation is not based directly off a particular story, but the violence and unease of Howard’s writing is retained. Kane here is set against a sufficiently evil cult — albeit, a little vague; the highwaymen don’t seem to act any different…