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  • The Trouble with Harry
  • Breakheart Pass
  • Time Bandits
  • Prince of Darkness

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  • The Meaning of Making 'The Meaning of Life'

  • The Meaning of Life

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  • The Meaning of Life

    The Meaning of Life

    John Cleese’s sex instruction is straight-up legit.

  • The Hunting Party

    The Hunting Party

    There’s a lot of ideas swirling around in this film, and they’re all ugly. If you like your westerns bleak, THE HUNTING PARTY has you covered. The sexual politics are uncomfortable, while the violence — courtesy of “cutting edge” rifles — is loud, sudden and graphic; the damage often leaving the victims to die slowly. Unfortunately, the characters mostly serve the plot, instead of vice versa.

    Oliver Reed is a desperate outlaw. Gene Hackman is a wealthy rancher with pride…

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  • Sudden Fury

    Sudden Fury

    This hoser hicksploitation movie is a real downer, eh?

    Based on the still I saw on Tubi, I thought Bo Svenson was in this. He isn’t. That not shade on this actor, but it did lead me to initially assume there was more action in store. This is a pursuit movie in a few sequences, otherwise it has more in common with home invasion. A very stripped-down thriller with a handful of actors and maybe 3 locations.

    You need good…

  • Arena


    It takes returning from a stroll under a “Full Moon” to appreciate the bright, relatively healthy production value of an Empire International sci-fi picture. ARENA is a charming piece of harmless VHS cheese, buoyed by practical make-up and puppeteering effects.

    Imagine the Deep Space Nine station, only if the Federation collapsed. Now it serves as a crime underworld port of ill repute (there’s even 2 cast members from the show!). Star Trek: the Great Depression. A down-on-his-luck earthling in need…