Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★½

“My problem? My problem is you.”

Based on a true story, Bad Education follows a school superintendent that finds himself involved in a fraud against his own school district after documents of falsified information come to light.
What began as a fun drama soon turned into something far more serious and intense, the kind of drama that makes your heart beat a little faster each time. I had no idea this existed until this week but as soon as I read its description I was all in. As the plot progresses and more details emerge, the pace grows faster and with help of its score, it creates a very tense environment. Almost as tense the one the characters inhabit and it comes through so much that you can almost feel the weight of it yourself. 
The writing was magnificent and along with the direction of Cory Finley, this felt like a step up from his first film Thoroughbreads. The performances by Allison Janney and Geraldine Viswanathan were great, and fit well with the incredible performance by Hugh Jackman, who I was genuinely impressed by. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a performance from him that was this good.
A nerve-wracking, exhilarating drama that almost has the vibe of a heist action film, as we discover information about the characters and the story in a very exciting, gradual way. Incredibly entertaining from beginning to end.

List: 2020 ranked.

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