Doctor Sleep

“[Memories] are the real ghosts. You take them with you.”
Director’s cut.

I finally got around to watching this after avoiding it for a while, and I don’t even know where to begin. I should mention The Shining is my favorite film of all time, so I could write pages and pages about everything I disliked about this, but my thoughts are all scrambled so I’ll try to keep it short.
With an overly dramatic setup, the story picks up right after the events that took place in The Shining. We get a glimpse into Danny and Wendy’s life, now living alone and still dealing with everything that happened. Danny still figuring out his power and trying to protect himself from his visions. Now, after what seemed to be a “previously on” segment of a TV show, the story fast forwards to grown up Danny, who is an alcoholic.bAfter he moves into a new town in search of a different life, he continues to communicate with other people with the shining and everything begins.
In between all that, we get different set ups to many storylines that make it confusing, but that meet up and form one big spider web of stories as the film progresses. Long story short, the basic core of the plot is a group of people with the same powers as Danny that kill kids to steal their essence and live longer. So, with many coincidences, they end up going after Danny and the person he communicates with.

The film itself is very confusing at first. With all the stories mashed up together and making no sense as it would hard cut from storyline to storyline. What made The Shining as eerie and mysterious, was the fact that even at the end, much of it is still unexplained and leaves unanswered questions. All of that mystery is gone with this sequel, as the complexities of the story are dissected and explained throughout its entirety.
The recreated scenes were unnecessary and almost embarrassing to watch as they were filled with some questionable dialogue and even some bad CGI. Some of the obvious camerawork that was replicated as well felt very superficial and just did not match the film.

There were some points in the film where I was almost bored and there were some where I thought “huh, maybe this isn’t so bad after all”, but that all changed when it reached its final act, which was dreadful and somehow exhausting yet rushed. And that is true for the whole film, which is confusing considering it’s three hours long. I’ve seen so many mixed opinions on this, and it might be my love for Kubrick’s film, but I seriously did not like this at all. An unnecessary sequel that took an ambitious story and completely ruined it. I think it could’ve worked as a stand alone because its production is not nearly as bad, but it did nothing as a follow up to such an iconic film.

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