Possessor ★★★★½

“I haven’t been in control of myself lately.”

A secret organization uses brain implants to inhabit the bodies of unknowingly victims in order to pull off assassinations for pay. Their top agent, Vos, is tasked with inhabiting the body of Colin, and when his subconscious takes control and forces Vos to stay longer than she hoped for, things start to take a dark turn. A story filled with sci-fi elements that somehow paired well with the calmness of its pace, which played a big role in creating an eerie atmosphere that lingers throughout its entirety. On the other hand, there were moments with extreme violence and gore that, while very graphic, created an exhilarating break from itself  very consuming plot. I’m a big fan of gore and films that don’t shy away from showcasing things that would normally not be as explored in other films, so those scenes were what took it to the next level for me.

Beautifully written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, with amazing performances by Andrea Risenborough, Christopher Abbott and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Definitely some problems with the overall structure of the film as it can become a bit confusing if you’re not paying close attention, but that didn’t take much away from its impact and instead helped the develop plot even further in some parts.

List: 2020 ranked.

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