Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

“You saved my life. You made it beautiful.”

Stories about loss and grief have always been some of my favorites to watch, and though I’ve always associated those themes with death, this feels just as emotional and meaningful as any other story of its kind could be. There’s something special about putting those emotions into something most of us probably take from granted, in this case the sense of hearing and the ability to so easily communicate with others as we please. Something that is so normal to many of us but a gift taken away from many others. This story not only puts you in a very specific scenario in which a man’s life is completely turned around by his sudden hearing loss, but it also takes you through his experience as his new painful reality shapes his life and the person he is. When everything he knows is put into a much different perspective and he is left alone to figure out his next steps in a world that is still unknown to him and many of the things he’d never thought twice about are now out of reach.
I’ve seen a few people already praise Riz Ahmed but I have to say he was perfect, and beautifully portrayed his character’s pain in a very personal way. His performance, along with the writing itself, kept me so emotionally invested in this that I was left wishing there was more to it. Almost hard to believe this is Darius Marder’s directorial debut.

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