Tigertail ★★★★

“For a few moments I forgot my loneliness.”

A beautiful story of an vibrant man as he is pushed into an arranged marriage and tries to navigate his new life in a new country with nothing but himself. From his childhood up to his late adulthood, we see Grover fall into a routine and live a very mundane life to the point where he doesn’t even recognize himself and can’t help but to reminisce about his younger self, past relationships and what could’ve been, all while trying to keep a healthy relationship with his family.
Absolutely heartbreaking and touching, the emotions and the pain in the main character’s life are almost palpable. The film’s broken narrative felt a bit uneven in some parts but the story felt so authentic that it wasn’t hard to overlook that. Visually stunning, with wonderful writing and direction from Alan Yang and great performances from Tzi Ma and Lee Hong-Chi.

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