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  • Nice Biscuit #1

    Nice Biscuit #1

    Placeholder for The Biscotts Series:
    Nice Biscotts #2 (Price '05)
    The Biscuit Day (Price '07)
    Nice Biscotts #1 (Price '05)
    Same Day Nice Biscotts (Price '05)
    Singing Biscotts (Price '07)
    Nice Baskets (Price '06)
    Old September Biscuits (Price '07)
    Suffering Biscuits (Price '07)
    Inkblot 11: The Biscuit Song (Price '08)

  • Christopher Strong

    Christopher Strong


    I think they called this Christopher Strong so you wouldn’t keep forgetting who Katherine Hepburn was wasting her time with.

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  • La Région Centrale

    La Région Centrale


    1. The Introduction
    Around two-thirty on Sunday afternoon Chantel Akerman stepped out of a car with a grin as wide as one of Chris Marker’s cats. She looked at the long line of people waiting to enter the Light Industry for a rare showing of Michael Snow’s LA REGION CENTRALE. “Wonderful! Is so good to see so many people. You will all love it!” She walked down the line smiling and waving, excited to introduce a film she considers one…

  • Rise of the Guardians

    Rise of the Guardians


    During kids' movies like RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, I often find myself distracted from the film by hosting an internal debate concerning the moral quandaries of using entertainment to perpetuate irrational beliefs. One side thinks convincing kids to believe in absurd lies by enforcing a staunch cultural importance on the notion of “belief” is a sick, callous method of intellectual dominance over children by adults. Kid, you're so dumb you'll believe any stupid shit I tell you. A bunny lays…