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  • Pitch Perfect

    Pitch Perfect


    I can watch any kind of movie and like it or not by its own merits.  I know this is a popular series but I think I’m completely out of the demographic for this. While I enjoyed it for what it was I certainly didn’t think it’s as fantastic as people rave about.  Funny at times and certainly entertaining but still overrated. 
    Liked it - didn’t love it.

  • Spring Break Massacre

    Spring Break Massacre


    Group of girls with various sizes of breasts have a sleepover while an escaped killer picks them off as the formula dictates. 
    Not a particularly well made slasher.  Not much thought seems to have been put into this other than on the casting couch.

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  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado


    I loved the original Sicario so I had hopes that this sequel would be at least comparable. 
    Here Josh Brolin’s character is brought in to head up a mission to pit the Mexican cartels against each other by any means necessary. 
    This was exciting, intense and highly entertaining.  Great cast with the also returning Benicio Del Toro. 
    I was blown away with how much I loved this movie.  
    A must see.

  • Freedomland



    Samuel L Jackson stars as a cop on the case of a missing 4 year old while trying to deal with the not so trustworthy mother played by Julianne Moore as well as the racial tensions building in the neighbourhood. 
    Moore is always great and Jackson is very good as well. Kind of a bummer of a movie but fantastic performances.