I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

And the award for MOST Directing goes to...

Seriously, this movie is a hard rock anthem in a cheap figure skating costume. Robbie is capital-G Great. Janney is taking that Oscar it seems. And Tonya Harding’s life, no matter how true this is or isn’t, is a redneck tragedy of epic proportions. It works as a comedy as well. And a sports movie. And, oddly, the Coen-esque downward spiral of Jeff Gilooly, played with equal parts moron and menace by Sebastian Stan, works perhaps best of all. The sad thing is that there is gimmicky overload at play here...from on-the-nose needle drops to over-reliance on interview re-enactments. And the best comedic bits were, sadly, in the trailer.