• Sharp Stick

    Sharp Stick


    Sundance 2022 - #3 

    this is a mess and has no idea what type of movie it wants to be, but the “Impossible” by Shontelle needle drop almost made me forget all of that for two glorious minutes

  • Fresh



    Sundance 2022 - #2 

    HELL YEAH, this rips. Sebastian Stan is so perfectly cast - he is absolutely terrifying while also being very charismatic, it makes the entire thing work. The main title sequence! The needle drops! An absolute banger

  • After Yang

    After Yang


    Sundance 2022 - #1 

    haley lu richardson getting the “and” credit!!! 

    a beautiful and haunting look at loss, identity, and family. Kogonada is only two films into his career, but he has this distinctive style that most directors work their entire careers to get. this will definitely benefit from a rewatch, and it was a fantastic way to start the festival for me.

  • Luca



    there’s so much to love here, this time around the final shot took my breath away. i love these gay fish boys 🥺

  • Rope



    fellas, is it gay to murder a former classmate so we can get a kiss from daddy james?

  • Weekend



    The Criterion Challenge 32/52 - Watch a film with a spine #500-600

    oh wow we are ugly crying tonight!!

    for so long I felt like I was "bad" at being gay before realizing there isn't one right way to be gay. the way this movie illustrates that is so impactful and gorgeous.

  • An Angel at My Table

    An Angel at My Table


    a biopic that, at times, makes you forget that it’s a biopic. kerry fox is truly fantastic

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    i know the word masterpiece gets thrown around a lot but…….i think it applies here!!!!!

    vicky and mia riding their bikes and being sad on a beautiful island isn’t a genre but it should be

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    there are countless shots in this that i want to put in a frame and hang up on my wall

  • Enough Said

    Enough Said


    “i’m attracted to a fat person! isn’t that crazy???” - jld in this movie, basically 

    what a disappointment. 90 minutes of fatphobia. gross!

  • Scream



    our only good franchise! 

    jenna ortega is the new scream queen and that’s just a fact now

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    where is hayden’s a24 horror movie