The Invisible Man ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Really well done, terrifying, and timely. The way it connects her haunting to abuse, masculinity, and power was incredible. Reminded me of the way Get Out merged horror with contemporary social criticism. 

Two changes I would make to elevate it four stars or higher:
1) No CGI when he’s glitching in the suit. It has no texture, and stands out as fake. Plus, you kinda owe it to almost 90 years of invisible-man-films to do practical effects. It’s kinda tradition.
2) Slow down the ending a little bit. From walking out after the surprise, running into good cop, and then emerging and taking that deep breath, it all happens a little too quickly to have impact. 

One change I would make to make this movie a total mind-freak:
Don’t make it so obvious to the audience that it was Adrian and not the brother. Make the audience doubt her too. Then, either leave it ambiguous at the end whether or not she just committed murder, or let her prove it at the very end and make the audience feel like they betrayed her just like everyone else. Then the theme of believing women hits even closer to home, because we doubt or doubted her too.